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Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary RESULTS

What if what you thought about money and business
actually limits your true potential?

If you have been putting in the time, the effort, the energy
to pursuing your dream...

If you have been working hard and the only way to move forward
means working even harder...

You have played by the rules, gone with the flow,
done everything that has made sense to do...

Yet, it didn't seem like it was enough...

And so if you are ready to 
Create Different Results, Hit New Levels,
Stretch Your Limits and 
Future-Proof Your Life and Income...

Discover How You Can Smash Through The Invisible "Money Ceiling" with ROCK-SOLID WEALTH-BUILDING PRINCIPLES!

Time to Engage

If you think that one day you will do that thing that you want to do, think again.

How often have you thought of starting that business, getting that job, getting into that hobby, but that someday doesn't ever seem to come?

How long more do you want to wait for that "One Day" to come?

There are two important dates. One is a Starting Date, and the other is the Ending Date. To every start, there is an end.

What will you do between those dates?

What will you create in the end?

What would you have traded for it?

Clarity Leads To Power.

When you ultimately get clear what you truly want in your life, everything becomes a lot easier.

Discover what will drive you but more importantly, what are the unconscious self-sabotaging behaviours that has been stopping you from moving forward in your life.

There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers.

What have you volunteered for, in your own life?

Design Your Life

If you have ever been told there's a certain way that you need to live your life, go with the flow, follow the crowd, and you are perfectly happy doing that, then there is nothing for you here.

If you are thinking about making more money, and you are willing to work harder to get where you want to go, or even to keep up with the "competition", but find that you haven't got many choices in that route, you are right. That's a difficult life to choose.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, because you are doing your best to get ahead, but you are struggling to just keep up, what's in the way?

If you are missing birthdays, anniversaries, important events in your life - if you are missing watching your kids grow up... how much longer do you want to keep missing these events?

Life is about having choices.

Do you know what your choices are?

It's not a matter of earning a living, but doing what you feel needs to be done. And being able to create your life exactly as you want.

But there is only one person who can create that life.

There is only one person who is responsible for creating the results in your life.

What would be different about your life a year from now?

Get Out Of The Way

Up until now, you have been operating in a way that you know best, and that has created a result for you. There is no right or wrong result - the only question is, are the results that you are getting, the results that you want?

If you have ever had doubts, and have not been sure about moving forward, or even experienced analysis-paralysis, there's something very important that you need to learn.

Very often, the biggest thing that gets in the way is ourselves.

Have often have you watched someone succeed, and felt that could have been you?

But it wasn't.

How often have you come close to getting what you want, and then just missing it, in a heartbeat?

How many times have you unknowingly stood in the way of your own success?

Sometimes, the only thing that you need to do, is to get out of your own way.

Nobody can deny you anything, only you can do that.

Nothing To Fix

We've been told that there are many things that we need to fix in our lives. Mistakes, weaknesses, things are not right.

Very often by people who care and are concerned about us. Sometimes that is driven by people we don't really care about.

Most times it's a conversation we have with ourselves.

So we spend our lives fixing things.

There is absolutely nothing in your life that you need to fix.

Humans are designed to learn by making mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are what we need to get to the lesson.

Sometimes we are destined to keep getting the same experience, until we get the lesson.

What if these mistakes and upsets that are created, are merely only opportunities to know the truth. And to understand why things are not working the way we want.

Do you know what the truth in your life is?

Don't Believe What You Read

Money & You® has been around for more than 39 years, with more than 105,000 graduates. Don't take our word for what the program can do for you.

Here are some of the most prominent people in Singapore and the world, who have experienced the program and created massive and inspiring results:

  • George Quek, Breaktalk
  • Dennis Wee, Dennis Wee Group
  • Mervin Wee, Jean Yip Group
  • Patrick Liew, HSR
  • Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup For The Soul
  • Anthony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within
  • Ben Cohen, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
  • Gary Kurtz, Star Wars
  • and many, many more...

An Immersive Experience

Money & You® is an immersive experience.

If you want to understand:

  • What drives you in life, and what stops you - and understand intimately the invisible influence in your life
  • What you need to create massive wealth that is sustainable and how the income will flow
  • How to identify what you are passionate about in your life and what you want to create, and how to do it
  • How you can expand your social and professional network and establish powerful global connections by attracting the people you want
  • How to create a quantum leap jump in your life - and how you can do it NOW

You will not learn this in school.

You Can't Miss This

The reality is this.

You have been running your life the way you know best, up until now.

You have created a certain result in your life, and there's absolutely nothing you need to fix.

There isn't anything from your past that you can change.

The only question is, is that the result that you are happy with?

If you are, congratulations.

If deep down inside, you desire for more, or a different result, something that is more fulfilling, something more meaningful, something you really want to spend your life doing, what do you need?

It is insanity, to keep doing things the same way over, and over again, and expect a different outcome.

What will change if you continue to run your life the way you have been doing?

How much longer do you want to continue operating your life that way?

There's something you can do right now.

Getting the principles that has created massive results for more than 100,000 people since 1978, and created some of the most inspiring stories ever told.

And a life that you want.

But this is not for everyone.

Not everyone is ready to take the fast track.

If you are ready...

If you are highly committed in getting to the next level in your life right now, this is it.

Integrity Is The Essence


Discover what's possible for you:


What Drives The Results 
That You Create In Your Life

The possibilities of breakthroughs 
in your career, business and relationships

The resources and keys to 
starting a massive business
or bringing your career to another level

The one thing that has stopped you 
from having your life exactly as you want until now

Create The Life You Desire
You will not learn this in school.


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